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Vashon Bioenergy Farm is a vibrant working community digester and greenhouse, converting organic tofu factory residuals into fuel, fertilizer and food. Picking up where the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model leaves off, Community Supported Biocycling (CSB) closes the loop with a relationship of mutual support and commitment to sustainability between Vashon Bioenergy Farm and subscribers. For over 25 years, the CSA model has become a great way for folks to buy local, seasonal food directly from farmers. Similarly, VBF is offering CSB subscriptions of farm-food starting with island growers. With the CSB model, growers pay in advance and receive shares of island-made PBF: ProBiotic Food for Soil & Plants. Tanks and refills are brought to you by Paco and his carbon-negative truck fueled by island organics!

  • PBF boosts yields organically, and helps your plants resist disease and pests. Similar to an organic compost tea, just dilute at a rate of 4 parts water to 1 part PBF. 1 gallon of PBF makes 5 gallons of farm food!
  • PBF is registered with WSDA and approved for use by certified organic agriculture growers!
  • By “biocycling” organics, we can store carbon in soils and plants, and reduce emissions by about 21 lbs. CO2e per gallon of PBF used!

Help close the loop on the CSA movement, with CSB!

With CSB you are directly supporting Vashon Bioenergy Farm and the local circular economy.  Just like a CSA farm, community support is a crucial ingredient for a CSB farm to thrive. These are not anonymous and imported supplies - these are regenerative organic resources locally recovered and produced by good people in the community driving the island circular economy:


Similar to how a CSA farm connects people to their local food system, this CSB farm connects farmers to local regenerative organic resources. The old end product of food "waste" is now a new beginning. Together, we can drawdown up to 12,500 metric tons of CO2e per year, which is the equivalent emissions from all the cars on-island offset or 4,200 new acres of forestland!

CSB Biofertilizer Share Details

  • Size & Type: 275 or 330 gallon IBC totes are provided, if needed, and refill deliveries on-island are scheduled every 15, 30 or 60 days. Off-island deliveries cost $5 per mile. Choose 'One-time purchase' instead and feel free to request up to 3 split deliveries with a minimum of 50 gallons per delivery. One-time purchasers can switch to a subscription model and be credited the difference. Drop us a note here if you have something else in mind, and we'll circle back.
  • Duration: Year-round, Seasonal or On-demand, all starting in February. Subscribe for a Year-round CSB Share and enjoy deep discounts locked in until February 2023. Seasonal CSB Shares are for about 30 weeks, ending September 2022. 
  • Price: Click the dropdown to see pricing for each option and see below for per gallon rates.
  • Perks: Every gallon delivered and used draws down ~21 lbs. of CO2e emissions! So sleep better at night with your CSB Climate Action Certificate. In addition to your certificate and tank refills, you'll have a dedicated team member at your service. Call us anytime, day or night. We might not always pickup, but we promise to talk to you about bioenergy and biofertilizer farming and your needs as soon as we can (once we've had a cup of coffee we should be good to go). We're happy to show you how, when and where PBF is made, so come by for a quick tour! You'll also receive a bonus gift of our PBF Dry Blend and you'll be the first to be notified of new product and service offerings, such as Bioenergy, Biocarbon and Biocycling Shares.

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Close the loop with CSB!

Farmers are the backbone of Vashon-Maury Island keeping our community healthy and happy. As large corporations expand factory farms covered in chemical pesticides and fertilizers, local communities get less and less healthy. You already know the power of local, organic, healthy food, and so do we, which is why our small team wants to help you have a big impact (pun heavily intended) supporting the people and community we all love.

Let's think globally and act locally to combat climate change, all while improving your soil and healthy yields!