PBF: ProBiotic Food, for Soil & Plants, Liquid Blend (Bulk IBC)

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PBF is now registered and approved by WSDA for certified organic producers!
Buy PBF for plants in bulk from Vashon Bioenergy Farm and we'll include a loaner IBC tote, while supplies last! 
PBF is used to boost yields and support regenerative organic farming. It is a soil amendment and plant food with bioavailable nutrients, and beneficial microbes that aid in root and healthy plant development. It is used to boost yields and support regenerative organic farming. Similar to an organic compost tea, just dilute at a rate of 4 parts water to 1 part PBF.  Apply diluted PBF on a normal basis to soil or use as a foliar spray during the growing season.  PBF can be used on all outdoor plants, including edibles, ornamentals, medicinals, perennials, annuals, trees, lawns, and containers.

This product is crafted in small batches, with love, from wasted food resources at Vashon Bioenergy Farm. Select 275-gal or 330-gal or email Paco to customize your bulk or group buy. Prices are determined on a tiered basis according to the schedule below:

  • Rita the Resiliency Grower wants 20 gallons, which costs: $52.50 for the first 10-gal + $21.00 for the next 10-gal = $73.50 for 20 gallons ($3.68/gal avg)
  • A group of growers combine forces to source 900 gallons, which costs: $52.50 for the first 10-gal + $42 for the next 20-gal + $882 for the next 630 gal + $252 for the next 240 gal = $1,228.50 ($1.37/gal avg)
PBF could then either be:
  • picked up at self service points like VBF, participating farm stands, hubs, pop-ups and points of sale; or
  • scheduled for delivery and/or milkman/woman subscription service using our carbon-negative truck, at a rate of $2.50 per mile.
Ingredients: anaerobically digested certified organic soybean residuals originating from Island Spring Organics on Vashon Island, WA. Nominal 30 day digestion time. Approx. 97% liquid and 3% solids.

Agronomic Aspects: macro- and micronutrients, organic matter (sequestered carbon), live probiotics (facultative; microbiological stimulant), recovered water from tofu production.

Stability: Recommended use is within 12 months of purchase, but can be stored in the shade at ambient temperature indefinitely.