PBF: Dry Blend No. 7

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PBF (ProBiotic Food) for plants, from Vashon Bioenergy Farm is made from digested food waste and loaded with billions of beneficial microbes that promote healthy soil and plant growth. Liquid PBF is concentrated in a passive solar dryer, then ground into a granular powder. PBF powder is then blended with locally sourced mealworm frass (insect manure by Beta Hatch), fishbone meal, feather meal and biochar. This blend allows plants to thrive and reach their full potential. Loaded with all the essential micro and macro nutrients to feed the soil food web, regulate water, and boost the defense system for fuller, healthier plants.

NPK is approx. 10.5-7-1

Recommended use is to sprinkle 1 teaspoon around root zones or mix into watering can every 4-6 weeks. One package contains ~68 teaspoons.

For every unit purchased, VBF will donate at least 50 gallons of liquid PBF to island farmers helping to keep our communities healthy and happy. The delivery truck will eventually be powered by the lowest carbon intensity fuel commercially available.

The anaerobic digestion process at VBF recovers nutrients, energy, water, organic matter and beneficial microbes from food "waste." As billions of beneficial microorganisms convert organics in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen), microbial populations continue to grow while mineralizing nutrients, making them bioavailable. These populations consist of living microorganisms such as rhizobacteria, which when applied to soil in an aerobic environment, colonize the rhizosphere. This promotes the growth of mycorrhizal fungi that increase the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. Macronutrients and micronutrients are readily available in our liquid PBF - an awesome alternative to chemical fertilizers that nurtures relationships. PBF is allowed under the USDA National Organic Program.

Plant foods like PBF have been proven to enhance soil health, increase above ground biomass, boost plant-endophyte relationships and soil carbon storage.