About Vashon Bioenergy Farm

Reverse the Curse of Climate Change!


At our cooperative community scale bioenergy plant on Vashon Island, WA, we turn food “waste” into carbon-negative bioenergy, ORNG (Organic Renewable Natural Gas for vehicles), and organic biofertilizer, PBF (ProBiotic Food for Soil & Plantsregistered and approved by WSDA for organic producers!

Collocated at Island Spring Organics, a certified organic tofu factory, and made possible by Impact Bioenergy and partners, Vashon Bioenergy Farm, LLC is democratizing the power of waste-to-value. Our target is to drawdown ~12,500 metric tonnes of CO2e emissions per year, which is the equivalent emissions from all the cars on-island offset or 4,200 new acres of forestland!


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