IBC Tote - 275-gal - Used

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Buy one of our used IBC totes as-is and your first-fill of ProBiotic Food (PBF) for soil and plants from Vashon Bioenergy Farm (VBF) is on us!

PBF from VBF is now registered and approved by WSDA for certified organic producers!

PBF is crafted in small batches, with love, from wasted food resources at VBF. PBF is used to boost yields and support regenerative organic farming. It is a soil amendment and plant food with bioavailable nutrients, and beneficial microbes that aid in root and healthy plant development. Similar to an organic compost tea, just dilute at a rate of 4 parts water to 1 part PBF.  Apply diluted PBF on a normal basis to soil or use as a foliar spray during the growing season.  PBF can be used on all outdoor plants, including edibles, ornamentals, medicinals, perennials, annuals, trees, lawns, and containers.